• Dr. Jennifer Harris

4 Week Spring Cleanse Challenge!

Anyone else feeling a little sluggish lately? Maybe it's your liver! According to Chinese medicine, the best time to cleanse your liver is in the spring. Don’t be scared, not all cleanses are created equal.

The liver is perhaps the hardest working organ in the body. It plays a role in every metabolic process. The liver creates energy from amino acids, regulates blood sugar levels, and metabolizes stored fats. The liver breaks down excess hormones and recycles red blood cells, and plays a crucial role in detoxification.

During the winter, we naturally slow down, sleep more, and eat heavier foods, and because our energy turns inward, we view the winter as a time for building, or strengthening, our bodies. We need this extra energy to get us through the cold, harsh winter months.

In the springtime, when energy begins to move upwards and outwards, we innately shift towards more activity. We no longer need the reserves we built up in winter. Rather, this is the best time to eat lighter, cleansing foods to help us rid our bodies of the excesses we have accumulated. This is especially important for our liver health, which happens to the organ we associate with the spring season.

Join us for our gentle but effective 4 week spring cleaning program and rid your body of unwanted toxins, lose weight, balance hormones and boost your metabolism. You will have more energy, better sleep, and an improved mood!

The program includes:

  • 4 weekly acupuncture sessions with cupping and ear seeds

  • 30-day supply nutritional supplements to aid detoxification

  • specific meal plans, recipes and grocery lists

  • weekly measurements to track your progress

  • unlimited guidance and support

During the first week, we will focus on preparation. You will be given meal plans that clearly outline what to eat, as well as recipes and grocery lists to make things convenient. You will have 5 days to prepare yourself physically and mentally by eliminating a few things from your diet and easing into the cleanse. The most challenging part of this cleanse will be the last two days of this first week, where you will only eat organic fruits and vegetables. Don't worry, you'll be fine! It's only two days. After that you will follow a clearly outlined meal plan. You will be given guidelines to follow, and I will provide recipes as options, but you are welcome to create your own. We will meet weekly to review your food journal, track your progress, and discuss any issues you may be facing, followed by your custom-tailored acupuncture session, which will aid detoxification and strengthen your metabolism.

If you have dietary restrictions, food allergies, or have been diagnosed with diabetes, please let me know. I have no problem modifying the program to meet your needs. If you would like to focus on weight loss, please let me know, and I will tailor your meal plan accordingly.

By letting go of what no longer serves us, we create space for something better, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Honestly, what would you like to lose? What could you gain?

Start our 4-week cleanse any time this month! This package is a $400 value. Register by the 14th and receive 20% off!

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