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  • Dr. Lisabeth Detwiler, DOM

Chrysanthemum Tea For Allergy Eyes

Fall is my favorite season here in New Mexico– the smell of roasting green chile, cottonwoods changing color along the bosque, balloons dotting the morning sky. But not everyone enjoys this season as much as I do. Many people here really suffer from seasonal allergies. We’ve already been seeing people coming into the clinic seeking help with hay-fever.

Chrysanthemum flower tea (ju hua cha) is perfect for helping to soothe allergy symptoms, especially itchy eyes. Chinese medicine herbalists consider ju hua to be one of the top herbs to benefit the eyes and clear heat, making it perfect for combating red, painful, itchy, teary, or dry eyes. If you’re really suffering, you can even brew up a cup, let it cool, and use the chrysanthemum tea as an eye wash or cool compress! Ju hua is also great for headaches, hypertension, and stress, plus it makes a delicious cup of tea!

Chrysanthemum Tea

1 tablespoon dried chrysanthemum flowers

1 cup filtered water

Put flowers in a tea cup or pot. Add boiling water and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy!


This also makes a refreshing iced tea!

  • Pump up the cooling power by adding some fresh or dried mint!

  • Add some goji berries for a little sweet and sour flavor. Plus, gojis nourish the eyes and improve vision

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