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Client Success Story!

Congratulations to our client, Bonnie, for meeting and exceeding her weight loss goal this month with Ideal Protein! Bonnie has been following the Ideal Protein method with such incredible will and dedication since January 4th. To date she has lost over 87 pounds and 38”, and while she has always been stunningly beautiful, she is feeling healthier than ever.

"I started going to Dr. Jennifer Harris for knee pain. As a hairstylist, I have a client who had great success with the Ideal Protein protocol. The day came when I was ready to shed the weight I had been carrying for years.

Dr. Jen explained that if I followed the protocol fully, 100%, it was impossible for it NOT to work. Having Dr. Jen coaching me, the protocol became really easy to follow. Once I understood how my body prefers to fuel itself (with carbs), it really made sense why other diets hadn't worked for me. Meeting with my Coach has been a big key to my success. When I lost 20 pounds within my first month, I was a believer! Those results were great encouragement to stick to the protocol.

I feel like a changed person! I have energy now, I sleep so much better, and my joint pain and inflammation is under control! I was worried about some of the restrictions on Ideal Protein, and that I couldn't do it. But if I can do it, ANYBODY can!"

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