Hair Loss in Chinese Medicine

Hair loss can be divided into two main types: sudden hair loss (alopecia), or gradual hair loss (thinning hair). Traditional names for these conditions include glossy scalp wind (yóu fēng 油风), ghost shaved head (gǔi tì tóu 鬼剃頭), and moth-eaten hair baldness (fā zhù tuō fà 发蛀脱发). Zhu Renkang, a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dermatologist from the middle of the last century, divides sudden hair loss into 4 clinical patterns: blood heat generating wind, qi and blood deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, and blood stasis. He also divides thinning hair into 4 clinical patterns: blood heat with wind dryness, damp-heat steaming upward, blood deficiency with dryness, and liver and kid

Diagnosing Skin Diseases in Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Dermatology is one of the oldest medical specialties in the world, dating back to 300-200 BCE. Over thousands of years, we have developed an incredibly refined system of diagnosing skin diseases, understanding disease processes, and administering treatment to restore the body and the skin back to a state of harmony. One of the things that makes TCM so powerful and effective is our concept of “disease identification and pattern differentiation.” It’s always necessary to first identify which skin disease we’re dealing with. A fungal infection of the skin will, of course, need an entirely different treatment than an autoimmune skin disease. This is very well k

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